LumiTop 2700 / LumiTop 4000 - 光谱优化的亮度和色彩测量相机

LumiTop系列结合了CAS 140系列成熟仪器系统光谱辐射计的测量精度和成像系统的估计优势。

LumiTop 系列量测系统成功整合 RGB 相机、闪烁型二级管及 CAS 140 系列高端光谱辐射仪。其创新的测量方法以光谱仪测得的精确数值作为基准,再透过精密计算调整二维图像采集的整体测量结果,最适用于显示器的生产线和质量控制,以及产品开发的验证检测。Instrument Systems 提供两种 LumiTop 型号: LumiTop 2700 具备 6 Megapixel 的分辨率,LumiTop 4000 则具备更高的 12 Megapixel 分辨率。

The very high resolution of 150 megapixels of the ultra-high resolution LumiTop thereby allows pixel level analysis of complete displays in one single shot. This measurement device is thus perfect for very fast and very accurate quality control and pixel calibration of OLEDs or Micro-LED displays in production lines. An integrated pixel shift mechanism suppresses demosaicing artifacts by true full color measurements and even provides increased resolution of 600 megapixels, which makes this device also very valuable for research and development.

除此之外,LumiTop 系統的量测应用广泛,只需要装置在单一测试台,就可以评测 Mura、均匀性、白平衡、色领、对比度或闪烁等。

功能强大的新软件 LumiSuite

LumiTop 系統搭配 Instruments Systems 的新软件 LumiSuite 操作使用。LumiSuite 的图形用户界面(GUI)简单易懂,可直接支援实验室量测研究,也可以藉由软件开发套件(SDK)轻松加入生产程序中。

LumiTop 4000 Spectrally enhanced imaging colorimeter

Ultra-high resolution


Blue pattern displayed by state-of-the art OLED display measured with LumiTop ultra high resolution (2x2 sampling), with different zoom levels.

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