CAS 140D - 设立光谱量测的新标准

CAS 140D 是 Instrument Systems CAS 光谱仪系列的第四代仪器。其前身为在全球缔造极高销售成绩的高端阵列式光谱仪 CAS 140CT。通过不断的技术创新,Instrument Systems 保留 CAS 系列的所有特长,更精益求精的提高其量测准确性及可靠性,并实现了无论在何种环境下,都能长期维持量测结果之可重复性与稳定度的目标。

CAS 140D

CAS 140D 能与种类繁多的量测配件结合,是功能全面的量测解决方案。从生产制程中的长时间连续运作,到作为国家级校正实验室的精密基准仪器,CAS 140D 都能满足用户的专业需求。通过其优异的光学与机械结构,CAS140D 体积更加小巧、紧凑,也更容易整合到现有的测量环境中。

The optics and mechanics used in the spectrograph block are optimized with regard to disturbing stray light. Additionally, a unique stray light correction matrix is integrated in the calibration procedure. Both innovations combined ensure an up to now unachieved precision in the determination of the blue light hazard with an array spectrometer.


  • 冷却式高端背光 CCD 感测器,4 ms 的极短集成时间
  • 高传输率与低杂散光光谱
  • 集成滤光片轮
  • USB、PCIe 或 Ethernet 接口
  • Plug & Play (随插即用) 配件自动感应功能

Accredited Color Quality

  • Instrument Systems test laboratories accredited to ISO 11664 for colorimetric quantities.
  • Highly accurate measurement of correlated color temperature (CCT) and color rendering index (CRI).
  • Traceable measurement uncertainties of chromaticity coordinates only ±0.0015

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Stray light correction

The application of a stray light correction matrix for the CAS 140D suppresses the stray light by an order of magnitude down to 10-5. In particular in the UV range the calibration is more precise. 3-4% higher radiometric precision is obtained in UV sources and up to 0.0005 more accurate determination of colour coordinates in visible LEDs.